If Sheikh Ibn Baaz was alive he would have warned against Anwar al Awlaki

Sheikh Ibn Baaz (rh) was asked: Can we co-operate with the jamatul jihad?


Answer: They are not to be co-operated with, nor are they to be given salaams to. Rather, they are to be cut off from, and the people are to be warned against their evil. Since they are a fitnah (tribulation) and are harmful to the Muslims, and they are the brethren of the Devil (Shaytaan)!

Those who love, respect and except Ibn Baaz (rh) as their scholar cannot now make us salafis blameworthy for refuting and exposing Anwar al Awlaki, Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada, Faisal al Jamaici and other jihadis/takfiris.


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