Sheikh Khalid al Anbary on the Woolwich Killing

Sheikh Khalid al Anbary on the Woolwich Killing


We have read the news from the international newspapers about a Muslim who lives in London who transgressed against a non-Muslim soldier in the street of London.


This type of action is not permissible from the shariah of Allah Most High, and subhaan-Allah on the same day another Muslim man killed a Muslim Saudi soldier in a town called Taif and this is from the biggest evidence that terrorism does not differentiate between Muslim and non Muslim. So a Muslim country had been harmed by extremism and terrorism just as non Muslim countries have been harmed.


So I say this action the Muslim man conducted is not allowed in the shariah of Allah Most High because he lives amongst the people of Great Britain and has British nationality. The scholars of Islam have said that nationality or visa attained at entrance into a non Muslim country is considered as an established agreement of safety (of that country) which a Muslim must uphold and not exposethe people of that country he has entered into to any type of harm or evil and corruption.


In this regard the Prophet (s) said in an authentic hadeeth narrated by Abdullah Ibn Amr:  “whoever kills one who is under an agreement… (Meaning between them and us is an agreement or oath, and as I mentioned before the nationality or visa from a non Muslim country is an indication of the agreement and oath).


The prophet (s) also said: “whoever kills one who has an oath of safety will not smell the fragrance of paradise, and its fragrance will not be smelt for the distance of forty years.”


Also Abu Dawood and Abu Ya’laa narrate that the prophet (s) said: “whoever oppresses one who is under a pledge, or belittled him or burdened him with more than he could bear or took from him something which he has not consented to then I am his evidence (against you) on the day of judgment.”


The Muslims have made ijmaa on, that if a Muslim enters a land of the non Muslims then it is an obligation upon him to make the residents and citizens of that country feel safe and it is not allowed for him to harm any one of them not by killing them, stealing from them or any other form of harm, evil or corruption.


If it was said, and it was said; that he (the murderer) done this because the British soldiers are killing Muslims in some countries, then I say even in this situation it is not permissible for you to negate the oath, agreement which you have undertaken yourself  the day you were given nationality or you entered the country with a visa. This is because Allah Most High said in Surah al Anfaal: 

“and if they seek help from you in the religion then upon you is to aid them.  Except in the case where there is an agreement between you and a people. Allah is all aware of what you do. (Anfaal: 72)


So between you and the citizens is an oath as exemplified by the nationality you have obtained.


Imam Muslim narrates that Hudaifah and his father were on their way to Madeenah and they met some polytheists of Quraish whom they took a pledge with that they would not fight with Mohammad (s). So when they met with the Prophet (s) they mentioned that the polytheists took a pledge and oath from them. So the prophet (s) said leave us (do not fight with us in al Badr) we will seek Allah help against them.” So he rejected them and told them to fulfill their agreement with the Quraish.


So Islam is a religion of upholding oaths and agreements.  So indeed the Messenger is the Messenger of mercy in truth. Such transgressions like this (murder) are presenting Islam in the most ugly light for the non-Muslims.

Islam has been seen in reality, in the eyes of the non Muslims, as terror, the exact terror which does not know except the spilling of blood and killing of the innocent thereafter creating a barrier in the way of Islam and the way of Allah Most High. This is what I wanted to say in this regard.


May His peace and blessings be upon Mohammad (s)


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